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About Our Company


     For the past 60 years the Kemper Golf Company has been supplying golf courses, driving ranges and pro shops with quality products for the growing industry. The company was started in 1952 by Laurence “Larry” Kemper after his friend Bill Junker convinced him to leave his managment position with Firestone Tire & Rubber Company to sell a new rubber product that would change the goling world. Bill Junker along with Jim Karnes and Bill Fawick from Fawick Flexi-grip Co. developed a non slip rubber grip that replaced the traditional leather wrap found on all golf clubs of that era. The name for the new grip was Golf Pride after the popular motor oil Gulf Pride. Larry sold the grip by traveling to golf courses demonstrating the “slip on” method as well as its feel and durability. Along the way as the grip became more popular so did Larry and Kemper Golf. After a few short years of being in business he was asked to distribute other products from various suppliers. Larry distributed items for golf courses, driving ranges and pro shops but found that grips continue to be a best seller till he retired in 1983.

     As the second generation of Kemper Golf grew so did the demands of the customers. In 1978 Kemper Golf added an in house custom Screen Printing and Embroidery company called Stitches & Sceeens. S&S enabled Kemper Golf to control the quality of the work along with speeding up the output of decorated products. All sorts of products were now able to be decorated from towels, hats and shirts to umbrellas, rainsuits and bags. Today Kemper Golf and S&S has the ability to supply products for clients in as little as few days. Kemper is a full line distributor of golf products for the pro-shop, golf course, and range.

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